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Module 0.0




PROJECT AVALON: Status=Cycling

Live mode activated… Running…


ACCUMULATING… 0123456789012

ACCESSING CHARACTER MODULES…17…467…4e3…689…24…385…

Loading ID…     ID loaded and error free…

Loading EGO…     ***      EGO loaded and error free… \\+

Load SUPER_EGO…38//…2389…78…   SUPER_EGO loaded and error free…

Assimilating ID+EGO+SUPER_EGO…




Avalon is complete.



Rhiannon Morganfield is now on line.

Module 1.0

Rhiannon Morganfield is dead. She died 12 years ago at the age of 27.

She was 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighed 140 pounds and had an IQ of 137.

Her wedding photographs show a woman in the prime of her life. She was as smiling and carefree as only a bride can be – especially one who’s just bagged herself a millionaire. She was now Mrs Robert Morganfield, wife of the man who’d founded Sybernika and built it into the seventh largest software house on the planet.

The reception took place in Chiswick House, one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in Britain. Music came courtesy of the Hugh Pegg Big Band Orchestra.

At 1706hrs, Rhiannon Morganfield had a headache and excused herself. She went to the toilet where she touched up her lipstick and took two aspirin.

Making the most of her reprieve from the bustle of the wedding reception, she lingered by the basins and chatted to a bridesmaid.

At 1709hrs, Rhiannon collapsed. The bridesmaid’s screams were drowned out by Midnight in Moscow. When the music stopped, people came running.

The several doctors in attendance kept her from death. But what she had left could hardly be called life.

I am Rhiannon.

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